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Royal Courts


Here at Royal Courts, we pride ourselves on being the best at what we do. Providing you a professional grade pickle-ball court installation for your own backyard.


We use the latest technology and equipment in all of our pickleball court and sports court installations, insuring a quality product. Our knowledge and capabilities allow us to transform your backyard or city park into a Royal Court fit for Kings and Queens.


We are located in Utah County and install basketball, tennis, and multi-purpose pickleball courts all over Utah. We specialize in building Post Tension Pickleball, Basketball, and Tennis Courts.


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Stunning Residential Pickleball Courts


Why Post Tension Construction?

Post-tension sports courts have several advantages over saw-cut courts, including:

  1. Greater Durability: Post-tension sports courts are typically more durable than saw-cut courts because they are reinforced with steel cables that are tensioned after the concrete has cured. This reinforcement helps to distribute the load evenly across the entire court surface, reducing the risk of cracking and other types of damage.

  2. Better Resistance to Climate Change: Post-tension sports courts are more resistant to the effects of climate change, such as temperature fluctuations and moisture damage, because the steel cables help to maintain the structural integrity of the court.

  3. Faster Construction Time: Post-tension sports courts can be constructed more quickly than saw-cut courts, because they do not require the same amount of time for the concrete to cure.

  4. Greater Customization: Post-tension sports courts can be customized to a greater extent than saw-cut courts, with a wider range of colors, patterns, and surface textures available.

  5. Lower Maintenance Costs: Post-tension sports courts require less maintenance over time, due to their increased durability and resistance to damage.

Professional Grade Surfacing & Restoration

We have been certified and trained by professional instructors to ensure we have the skills for every job!

A proper sports court surface can help reduce the risk of injuries for players. It can provide a cushioned surface to absorb impact, reduce the risk of falls, and provide better traction, preventing slips and falls. An unsafe court surface can increase the risk of injuries, particularly for high-impact sports such as basketball or tennis.

A properly surfaced court can provide better ball bounce and consistent ball speed, enabling players to practice their skills and perform better.

See The Royal Court Difference

We take pride in our work and it shows in the quality we deliver! Our multi-purpose sports courts and pickleball courts aren't just made to look incredible. More importantly, they are meant to endure years of play.



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